Saving the world case by case.

 Our Mission 

Millions of tons of plastic fill our beautiful oceans every year. Not many of us are directly affected by such events, but our beautiful Earth is. It's ReYuze's mission to aid toward a new generation of recycled products, keeping the planet clean, saving our seas, and giving back to the communities and people in need.

 Our Vision 

Making phone cases for iPhones is only the beginning. With plans to expand to other brands of phones, ReYuze is working on getting plastic from other parts of the world. Through our work and education and along with your support we can have a real impact on giving back and saving the Earth. 

*Actual images from Haiti

 The Problem 

Scientists estimate that over 8 million metric tons of plastic enter the earth's oceans each year. Negatively affecting marine life and destroying ecosystems. It's not going away! Most plastics take up to 400 years to disintegrate, and with the increasing amounts added each year, the environmental damage increases. According to, once disintegrated, the plastic buries its way into our food chain and adversely affects our health.

Our Process 

 The Process


Starting in the streets, canals, and the landfills of Haiti, plastic water bottles and containers are collected and brought to our ecofriendly factory in the United States. Once each case is crafted it is sent in packaging, made from 100% recycled materials, to your front door.


The $1 every customer donates after purchasing is sent to the The First Mile Coalition to aid in their efforts to address undignified child labor in plastic collection in Haiti. 

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